Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 11-29-2023




Computer Science

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Elizabeth A. Donovan

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Robert G. Donnelly

Examining Committee Member

Dr. David Roach


From the traditional game of Solitaire to modern video games like Candy Crush and Five Nights at Freddy’s, single-player games have captivated audiences for gener- ations. We investigate a lesser-known single-player game, the Jumping Frogs problem, on various classes of simple graphs, a graph with no multiple edges or looped ver- tices. We determine whether frogs can be stacked together on one vertex of a given graph. In a graph with k vertices and one frog on each vertex, the frogs must make legal jumps to form a stack of k frogs. The problem is known to be solvable on classes of trees, but no work has yet been done on cyclic graphs. We examine various classes of cyclic graphs and determine whether these graphs have the property we call partyability.

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