Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 4-2020


Communication Disorders

Examining Committee Member

Megan Smetana, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Kelly Vaughan, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Natalie West, Committee Member


This thesis will analyze the current research involving the impact of bilingualism in individuals who stutter through a literature review. There is currently no known etiology of stuttering, however, there are multiple theories regarding the onset of stutter. This thesis will explore the Cerebral Dominance theory of stuttering and its applicability to neuroimaging and bilingualism. Furthermore, this thesis will determine the presence and extent of the impact of bilingualism on people who stutter. The cultural, gender, language and neurological influences on stuttering for those who are bilingual will also be examined. Through this analysis, the positive and negative impact of bilingualism on stuttering will be determined. The literature review will also determine more research should be completed in order to fully understand the positive and negative impacts bilingualism has on individuals who stutter.