Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-2020


Fine Arts

Examining Committee Member

Nicole Hand, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Antje Gamble, PhD, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Sarah Martin, Committee Member


Closed and confined spaces provide my introverted personality a place to examine, explore, and unwind. Being an introvert has inspired this senior thesis exhibition, exploring the relationship between interior and exterior spaces and child-like play. Growing up I didn’t crave a social life outside of my nuclear family and home. I spent a majority of my time inside my bedroom, but curious about the lively atmosphere outside of my bedroom. The act of play with my siblings would break down my introverted tendencies and present me with new objects, toys, and materials to explore. Now, my dorm room has become my refuge, similar to my childhood bedroom, and play has been found when I experiment and make work in the art studios.

Inspired by my childhood toys, the books, boxes, and objects I make are derived from my introverted childhood. I use repetition within the candy wrapper folios of the books to give visual impact and mimic the multiples of the boxes themselves, as well as many of my childhood toys. Some boxes have been made to custom fit the item inside creating contrast between a nondescript exterior and a bright and colorful interior. Other boxes hold remnants of items from a celebration I would discover once the party was over when I felt comfortable emerging from my room. The text and imagery on the inside of the box lids, as well as using primary colors inside with a cream exterior provide context to the interior and exterior conversation. The archival boxes are in contradiction to the non-archival objects inside. This pairing comments on the relationship of precious versus non-precious and the celebration of commonplace items, like candy wrappers which are normally discarded.

I am interested in the relationship between the viewer, the object, and the space in between, while simultaneously inviting the viewer to interact with the work. The combination of the formal qualities, the desired tactility, and the small scale of the pieces produces a coherent senior thesis exhibition that is interactive, targets a wide audience, and is adaptable to any available space. As a printmaker who is drawn to bookbinding, Barbara Barnes Allen and Subodh Gupta are two artists who influence my work. I have taken inspiration from Allen’s use of everyday items and Gupta’s use of sculpture and repetition. Taking inspiration from these artists and life experiences, I have used bookbinding and box construction in this senior thesis exhibition to portray fragments of the introversion from my childhood.