Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-9-2020


Engineering Physics

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Ted Thiede, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Jamie Rogers, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Danny Claiborne, Committee Member


This paper outlines the overall project completed by MACH during the 2019-2020 school year to fulfill the requirements for EGR 498 and EGR 499 as well as the honors thesis requirements. The scope of the paper covers the design and construction of a high powered rocket as per the requirements set by the NASA Student Launch Competition, with a focus on components of dual-deployment recovery systems. Brainstorming, design, optimization, testing, re-design, and components of a high powered rocket are all discussed, though final testing remains incomplete due to complications from COVID-19. Simulation results and launch predictions are included to compensate for the lack of actual test data. The project was done under the mentorship of Dr. Terry McCreary (Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry).