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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Examining Committee Member

William Dewees, DVM, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Barbie Papajeski, MS, LVT, RLATG, VTS, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Laura Hoffman, DVM, Committee Member


The purpose of this research is to find which genre of music dairy cows produce the most milk to in order to aid dairy farmers in yielding maximum product while also keeping their cattle as comfortable as possible. During each lactation a different genre of music will play, basic vital signs, and behavioral observations of the cows will be taken, then the amount of milk produced during that genre will be measured. First, no music will be played, base line vitals will be taken, and milk yield will be measured. This will give an estimate to how positively or negatively the music affects the cows. Results showed that the cows were least stressed while lullaby music played, though the highest milk yield was collected when no music played.