Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 4-2020


English Ed/ TESOL (p-12)




This study explores the culturally responsive teaching (CRT) practices of mainstream and English language learner (ELL) teachers as well as how to foster such practices. The study was completed with surveys, interviews, and an observation used to determine the knowledge of and practices concerning CRT. Participants of the study included 20 ELL teachers and 11 mainstream teachers from 11 different public-school districts. Due to pandemic restrictions, there was only one observation participant. ELL teachers reported incorporating CRT through class discussions and activities on diverse cultures. Mainstream teachers gave varied answers, but most spoke about differentiation methods and appeared to lack a clear understanding of CRT. Additionally, participants, both ELL and mainstream, discussed the value of having ELL teachers take leadership roles to foster CRT practices. The results indicate a need for increased mentoring and training in CRT of mainstream teachers.