Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 2020


Secondary English Education



Examining Committee Member

Dr. Deborah Bell, Advisor

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Dr. Warren Edminster

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Dr. Gina Claywell, Committee Member

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Dr. Robert Fritz, Committee Member


This is an exploration of stereotypical and racist portrayals of minorities, specifically African-American, Latinx, and Native American communities, in film and television in the past and how that has affected representation in film adaptations of young adult literature. Young adult literature is one of the highest-selling genres in literature, purchased by both young adults and actual adults. In recent years, young adult literature has been adapted into film and television series and while representation has improved since the early years of entertainment history, there are still problems in the industry: many of the stereotypes remain, some minorities lack representation, and characters of specific skin tones have been altered to fit a more mainstream accepted image. The past portrayals affected the way minorities viewed themselves and the current portrayals are continuing these same detrimental effects.

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