Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 12-2016



Examining Committee Member

Dr. Erica Kupinski, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Todd Hill, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Renee Campoy, Committee Member


When advocating for the advancement of music education programs, the development of extramusical skills, including concepts such as team-work, responsibility, creativity, and self-confidence, are often cited as benefits of involvement. Successfully developing traits such as these are also often associated with individuals who are successful leaders. The aim of this paper is to explore how music educators can intentionally teach these nonmusical skills concurrently with the new National Core Arts/ Kentucky Academic Standards. The capacities of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership theory are examined for relevancy to the music classroom, and strategies for teaching selected capacities are proposed through a curriculum designed for 11th grade students in the instrumental music classroom.