Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-2021


Engineering Physics

Examining Committee Member

Dr. James Rogers

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Warren Edminster

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Daniel Claiborne

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Jake Hildebrant


This report focuses on the packaging system used at the end of the FESTO bottling station that is located in EP 2355. The system will be made up of an x-y 300 mm x 300 mm gantry system, an Arduino, two micro-stepping stepper drivers, and two 152.4 mm (6 in) single acting cylinders with a 3D printed bracket attached to both. The gantry system will be located at the end of the conveyor belt and will be programmed to pick up three bottles at a time and then will move a specified number of steps in both the x and y directions to an exact location on the packaging provided. The microstepping stepper drivers will be used to control the stepper motors that are attached to the gantry system. The Arduino will send pulses to the micro-stepping drivers to tell the stepper motors how many steps and in which direction to move. After all 12 bottles are settled onto the packaging in a spread out 3 x 4 array, the two single acting cylinders will extend causing the attached brackets to guide the bottles into a more condensed 3 x 4 array so that the packaging can then be moved to the next stage for folding. The packaging system has an overall budget of $1,484.27.