Date on Honors Thesis

Fall 10-15-2021


Architectural Engineering Technology

Examining Committee Member

Mr. Kevin Perry, PE, AIA, Associate Professor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Rudy Ottway, Associate Professor

Examining Committee Member

Mr. Clay Goodman, Instructor


Construction projects are known far and wide to all people. Buildings we need for daily survival would not exist if it were not for the construction industry. Our homes, healthcare facilities, groceries, and other necessary amenities would be gone if it were not for the structures they are housed in. This project aims to simulate the lifespan of a construction job from the design phase to the preconstruction phase and stops at the final presentation before an agreement to start construction.

To create the simulation for the students, a fake RFP, or request for proposal, was created and given to the assigned groups for the project. In this RFP were the guidelines and requirements of the project. It listed what kind of project this was, what was necessary in the project, and the timeline given to complete it. The project was to be a living area for students on Murray State’s campus. Guidelines were given for the number of apartments and parking spaces needed for the building. The building also needed to be ADA compliant and LEED Silver certified or better. Progress meetings were scheduled to create a real environment, as progress meetings are typically held in a real construction project to keep the owner updated and keep communication between all members of the project team. The results of this project gave students a real-world type of work experience before getting into the field for themselves. Students were put in the mind of a worker in the industry, given their time frame and assigned partners, and expected to perform and present a full project at the end of the semester.

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