Jackson Purchase Historical Society

Jackson Purchase Historical Society



Book Reviews edited by Walter Darrell Haden

Black American Literature and Humanism, James Andreas, Ph.D.

Seedtime on the Cumberland, Erline Smith Babcock

Generations: An American Family, Martha Y. Battle

Tolkien: New Critical Perspectives, William E. Bennett

The Public Papers of Governor Keen Johnson 1939-1943, Harry M. Hutson, Ph.D.

Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back, Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.

Kentucky in the Reconstruction Era, Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.

John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence, John McCluskey, Ph.D.

Welcome the Traveler Home, Phillip Miller

The Glad River, Phillip Miller

The Anti-Masonic Party in the United States 1826-1843, Patrick R. Taylor, Ph.D.

The Republican Right Since 1945, Patrick R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Antebellum Politics in Tennessee, John P. Wittenberg

Southern Honor: Ethics and Behavior in the Old South, John P. Wittenberg