Jackson Purchase Historical Society

Jackson Purchase Historical Society



Book Reviews edited by Walter Darrell Haden

Houston and Crockett, Heroes of Tennessee at Texas: An Anthology, Joe Bone

G.I. Jive: An Army Bandsman in World War II, Joe Bone

Lincoln's Loyalists: Union Soldiers from the Confederacy, Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.

The Papers of Henry Clay: Supplement, 1793-1852, Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.

A Battle From the Start: The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.

Political Parties and Primaries in Kentucky, Marvin L. Downing

Kentucky Illustrated: The First Hundred Years, Roy Neil Graves

Yellow Fever and Public Health in the New South, Robert G. Cowser