Jackson Purchase Historical Society

Jackson Purchase Historical Society



Book Reviews edited by Walter Darrell Haden

The Green River of Kentucky, Martha Y. Battle

Stars of Country Music: Uncle Dave Macon to Johnny Rodriguez, B. W. Keene

Life in the Leatherwoods, Patrick R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Medina and Other Poems, Reed Sanderlin, Ph.D.

The Battle of Belmont, Missouri: A Brief History, Langdon S. Unger

The Mid-West Indian Relic Manual, Phillip J. Miller

Religion in Antebellum Kentucky, Mary D. Cowser

An Asian Anthropologist in the South, Walter Darrell Haden

Land Between the Lakes: Experiment in Recreation, Marvin Downing, Ph.D.

George Rogers Clark and the War in the West, R. L. Brittain, Ph.D.

Old Columbus: The Town That Was, Phillip J. Miller

Kentucky and the Second American Revolution: The War of 1812, James V. Wehner, Ph.D.

American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era, Walter Darrell Haden