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Lacy RisnerFollow

Date on LBA Capstone

Fall 12-8-2019

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Dr. Marcie Venter, Mentor, Earth and Environmental Sciences: Archaeology


Dr. Barbara Cobb, Mentor, LBA Coordinator


**Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology**

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Liberal Arts


This research project is intended to provide a foundation of knowledge of the Maroon culture in Jamaica, through the legends of one of their most prominent founders, Queen Nanny, as an aid for those who want to educate themselves before approaching community leaders about tourism development. Documentation of Queen Nanny’s life is contested and shrouded in mystery. Yet, that is part of what makes her memory so powerful. The various roles that Queen Nanny is associated with feature her adamant pursuit of an independent life for herself and her Maroons. Whether she is catching bullets or teaching the Maroons how to hide in plain sight, Queen Nanny’s legends illustrate the affection and respect that modern Jamaicans have for this historical icon. The threat of changing climates, economies, and environments, highlights the need to teach the next generation tactics of resiliency and adaptation, qualities represented in the Queen Nanny legends. Most tourist investments in Jamaica have promoted its beautiful beaches and created western-style resorts catering to the desires and tastes of international tourists. Engaging Maroons who already participate in tourism-oriented festivals in conversations on expanding Cultural Heritage Tourism may be a practical step in augmenting the tourism industry in Jamaica.