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Chelsey BrownFollow

Date on LBA Capstone

Fall 11-17-2020

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Lead Mentor

Dr. Todd E. Hill, Mentor, Music


Mr. Lucas Morgan, Mentor, Intership Supervisor


Dr. Barbara Cobb, Mentor, LBA Coordinator



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This presentation is to help raise awareness towards art education in schools and how these programs are losing their funding. The main focus is to present information on how the arts benefit people in both the school and in more public settings. Politics affect how much money is given to the arts and if the school is not art-rich, they may suffer and have a poorly funded arts program. The arts provide cognitive, health, and social benefits that can help kids learn and can also help those who participate in community programs. Students who participate in art, music, theater, or dance are more likely to succeed in school and are at a lower risk of getting involved in drugs and alcohol. The influence of the instructor or mentor can help students live positive lives and allows for them to have a chance to succeed in school and in their future endeavors. Not only do the arts provide benefits within the schools, they also bring the same experiences through community programs and organizations such as museums, concert halls, and opera houses. The funding of these organizations is just as vital as funding the art in public schools. Each president from the past 20 years has had an effect on the performance of arts education in public schools and has brought little justice to the fight to keep the arts alive. If there are no art programs in schools, there is no chance to obtain the benefits they provide and no chance to experience the pleasure and captivation that comes with the arts.