Interactive Addressing of Body Image Insecurity in Adolescent Females

Project Abstract

This research consists of various explorative literary reviews in regards to the physical, mental, emotional, and social impacts of body image insecurity among adolescent females. Our developed website deals with education and activity in regards to the subject at hand with the purpose of equipping adolescent females with the means to cope healthily when struggling with body image insecurity. The website includes referenced studies and techniques aimed towards middle grade students searching for avenues to cope with the emotional stressors of unhealthy body perception and the effects that follow. Topics addressed include body image, social media, the weight of words, defining these terms, and offering coping guidance. The role of this research is intent upon serving student needs by becoming a tool accessible for educators, counselors, and administrators to use in their classrooms and Social- Emotional Learning curriculum.


Conference name: Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Dates: 11/2/22- 11/5/22

Sponsoring body: Association for Middle Level Education

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Travel Grant

Academic College

College of Education & Human Services


Middle School Education- ELA


Middle School Education




Miguel Gomez, PhD.

Academic College

College of Education & Human Services

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