The Impacts of Short-Term Agricultural Study Abroad Programs

Project Abstract

This research determines the impacts short-term agricultural study abroad programs have on students' perceptions of the world, their personal and professional lives, and their knowledge of global policies and economics. This research will help identify catalysts within study abroad programs and give an accurate description of the way a STEM-AH study abroad program benefits participants in several areas of their life. The study’s methods include a preliminary survey of undergraduate students that have not participated in a study abroad program and a qualitative data analysis of real-time, multi-entry journals recorded by participants while on the program. The study recognizes students’ perceptions on study abroad, globalization, foreign and economic policy, as well as agricultural topics and issues through the preliminary survey. The survey covers not only how students perceive study abroad programs but also how they perceive global issues and global agriculture. The changes and effects of the study abroad programs will be determined by using a qualitative data analysis to group and organize key themes that played a large role in impacting participants. The results of the data analysis will then be compared with those of the survey revealing how a study abroad program centered around a STEM-AH field can not only increase cultural awareness, but also affect students’ career plans, academic goals, personal life, cultural perceptions, and technical knowledge within their field. By identifying the key impacts of study abroad programs in STEM-AH fields and the factors that cause these impacts students will have a better understanding of why a study abroad program in their field is a key part of their undergraduate education. Likewise, those in charge of planning and leading interdisciplinary study abroad programs will also have a reliable source of research to reference when trying to plan a program that is most beneficial to the student.

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Academic College

Hutson School of Agriculture




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Dr. Michelle Santiago

Academic College

Hutson School of Agriculture

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