Breaking Traditional Rules in Photography: Rural Landscapes in Western Kentucky

Project Abstract

Contemporary photography serves as a means for artists to interpret and convey the intricacies of the world around them. In this collaborative research, we delve into the captivating realm of nature and rural landscapes in Western Kentucky, employing a postmodern approach that embraces instinctual creativity and challenges conventional photographic norms and alternative processes. Our analysis thrives on breaking traditional rules and pushing the boundaries of framing, scene composition, and experimental techniques. The profound influence of nature on our work is paramount. Amidst the chaos of modernity, the serene connection with natural landscapes provides solace and inspiration, allowing the world to fade away as our lenses capture the enduring beauty of rural Kentucky. Nostalgia intertwines with creativity, as locales from our childhood memories form the backdrops of our compositions. Through our photographs, we document not only the evolving environment but also reflections of our own journeys, marked by both change and continuity. Themes of individualism and tranquility emerge as pivotal motifs in our photographic narratives. These images serve as markers, encapsulating our present identities while mirroring the peace found within nature's embrace. Black and white film photography becomes our canvas for architectural studies, where light dances to create a symphony of highlights and shadows. The allure of high-contrast photography lies in its ability to infuse drama and profundity, lending impact to our subjects and scenes. As a collective, we gravitate towards rough textures, high contrast, and strong compositions using lines. The marriage of traditional techniques, like cyanotypes, with modern digital negatives reflects our commitment to honoring the legacy of photography while forging new paths of artistic expression. The technical finesse of our approach is complemented by an intricate understanding of the symbiotic relationship between nature and photography, enriching both subject and medium. Photography, for us, transcends documentation; it becomes a medium to articulate emotions and share experiences.


“Vantage Point” Society for Photographic Education Midwest regional conference Dates: October 20 – October 21, 2023.

Funding Type

Travel Grant

Academic College

College of Humanities and Fine Arts


Art/Studio Art


Bachelor of Arts




Cintia Segovia Figueroa, MA, MFA

Academic College

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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