Memories of Home and Family

Project Abstract

It has been clearly demonstrated that adversity in childhood begets a myriad of health issues, which seep into adulthood. Recent research has demonstrated the importance of benevolent childhood experiences (BCEs) and how they can mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Despite the importance of BCEs, there is a need for a measure to look at not only the presence of BCEs, but also how long they endured throughout childhood as well as assess subjective memories surrounding the home and family environment. Thus, researchers in the UK have recently devised a measure that seeks to capture the presence of BCEs in the home environment called the Memories of Home and Family Scale. The present study seeks to test the validity of this scale in the US population (general US adult sample and a college sample), using the same measures that previous studies have used to demonstrate convergent and divergent validity in the novel scale. Additionally, the current study seeks to investigate the extent to which ACE and BCE exposure influences perceptions of obesity as well as attachment in young adulthood.

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Research Grant

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College of Humanities and Fine Arts




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Esther Malm, PhD

Academic College

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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