Association Between Impulsivity and Positive Expectations of Marijuana

Project Abstract

There has been extensive research into cannabis use and misuse. Even though the field is being studied, the substance abuse crisis is still ongoing and therefore more research is needed on how best to prevent the crisis from growing. The current study specifically looks at the impulsivity personality trait and a possible association with positive expectations (opinions, assumptions, and attitudes) toward marijuana use. Methods include an online survey conducted with the SONA research system that consists of the Marijuana Effect Expectancies Questionnaire- Brief, the I7 Impulsivity Questionnaire, and demographic questions. The study is currently in progress, but preliminary data has shown that it is statistically significant. A positive correlation between these two variables will help future mental healthcare providers give their clients help based on personality traits that could be affecting the person with substance use disorder.


Midwestern Psychological Association 2024

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Travel Grant

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College of Humanities and Fine Arts


Psychology and Criminal Justice


Bachelor's of Science




Dr. Megan St. Peters

Academic College

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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