Students Attitude toward Using Facebook for Enhancing Writing Skill

Project Abstract

The quick growth of technology brought a massive change in students’ daily life where majority of ESL/EFL students spend majority of their time out of classrooms navigating Facebook and other social networking sites for daily and educational communication, and it creates a significant environment for learning. According to Trties (2009), “Asynchronous communications are beneficial in that they allow students to work on their own time schedule and to share their thoughts without waiting their turn.” This work attempts to share students’ attitude toward using Facebook as a teaching tool in language class to help them improve their writing skill. The presenter will share findings on students’ attitude with pros and cons of Facebook as a tool for teaching writing for ESL/EFL learners. This session describes how ESL/EFL teachers can integrate Facebook in their teaching. Participants will leave this session with resources, research, and inspiration to use Facebook in their ESL/EFL writing classes. This workshop will be significant for ESL/EFL administrators, students, and teachers.


Conference name (full, no abbreviations): 2019 Kentucky TESOL Conference

Dates: October 4-5, 2019

Sponsoring body: Kentucky TESOL Association

Conference website:

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Travel Grant

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College of Humanities and Fine Arts








Latricia Trites

Academic College

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

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