LADDER: A Multimodal Composing Task For Second Language Classrooms

Project Abstract

LADDER (Locate-Analyze-Discuss-Demonstrate-Evaluate-Reflect) is a multimodal composing-task that encompasses six subordinate activities. It involves with applying technology into the developing of different levels of thinking skills (e.g., locate, analyze, evaluate) and the teaching of different language learning skills.

LADDER is a complexity. It integrates the teaching of language skills and digital literacy. In terms of the “locate” and “demonstrate” activities, L2 learners will need the capacity of using thinking skills in digital context. For example, they will develop their capacity of using browser and searching engine to locate and select the useful messages among textural information, audios, images and videos; they will practice their capacity of using different modes (verbal, textural and visual) to present their ideas and make sense. Regarding the “analyze”, “discuss”, and “evaluate” activities, there is still a place for students to use their listening and reading skills to acquire and comprehend the information. Also, there is a place for them to use speaking and writing skills to synthesis, create and evaluate. Beside, in the “reflection” activity, students will have the chance to digitally write down their take-aways and review the rationales of how technology has been used in their activities.

Simultaneously, LADDER is a simplification. As pedagogy researchers and educators have exhausted themselves on developing frameworks and theories to support teaching, LADDER absorbs the essences of models such as, TPACK (Koehler & Mishra, 2009), SAMR (Hamilton, Rosenberg, & Akcaoglu 2016), Bloom’s digital Taxonomy (Churches, 2010), and the multimodal composing framework (Shipka, 2006) and merges them into a task that specifies L2 classrooms. Unnecessarily, teachers and students need to be confused and distracted by updating with technologies. LADDER focuses on helping them to choose from the functions of different digital applications and severing the language learning and literacy teaching purpose.


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