Hydroponics at MSU Greenhouse

Project Abstract

When people are asked where they think their food comes from, many answers are given and many are wrong. A good majority of the population believes that their food comes from the grocery store and not from a farm. The agriculture industry is growing and changing rapidly everyday. That being said, there are many concerns that come with the agriculture industry. Many people are concerned about how their food is grown, but few are educated on all the forms of farming that are present in today's society. One form of farming becoming more popular is hydroponics, an efficient system of growing food that recycles both water and nutrients.

There are a variety of different forms of hydroponic systems that are being used worldwide. The system that we plan to incorporate into the Murray States University Greenhouse is a Tower Garden. Tower Gardens allow you to grow plants with minimal work, minimal space, no soil, and multiple harvests. While incorporating the tower garden systems into the greenhouse, I plan to create lesson plans that will be sent to local Agriculture Teachers that can be used in their curriculums. Some of the lessons that will be developed are Tower Garden Assembly, How to Operate, Planting Schedules and Plants, and Harvesting. Along with sending lesson plans out to teachers, I will be teaching the lessons in the AGR 360 class at MSU’s Greenhouse. This allows students to get hands-on experience while also learning a new form of how their food is grown.

At the end of my project, I will have incorporated a new horticulture system into the Murray State University's Greenhouse, developed lessons for local teachers, taught a class over tower gardens, and mentored a student to take over the project when I am done.

Funding Type

Research Grant

Academic College

Hutson School of Agriculture


Agriculture Education


Agriculture Education




Alyx Shultz

Academic College

Hutson School of Agriculture

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