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Electrochemical Preparation of Tungsten Tips for Scanning Tunneling Microscope Probes

Courtney Flood, Murray State University
Adam Bell, Murray State University
Justin Lovell, Murray State University
Scott Lowe, Murray State University

Impact of Cry 1F Bacillus Thuringiensis Transgenic Corn Kernels on Laboratory Populations of Indian Meal Moth and Angoumois Grain Moth.

Kristin Kearns, Eastern Kentucky University

Insecticides From Wild Tomato: Trichome Counts and Contents

Pasano B. Bojang, Kentucky State University

Pesticide Movement in Highly Erodible Lands

Julie Herrmann, Northern Kentucky University
Micah Noyes, Northern Kentucky University
Valerie Heib, Northern Kentucky University
Ashley Murphy, Northern Kentucky University
Sheila Ruark, Northern Kentucky University

Screening Wild Tomato Accessions for Sugar-Ester Contents

Kenyari L. Moore, Kentucky State University

Synthesis and Reactivity of 1,3,7,7-Tetramethyl-4H,10H-6,8,9-trioxa-2-thia Benzo[f]azulen-5-one

Eniolami Dosunmu, Kentucky State University

The Effect of Production Intensification on Water Quality in Pond Growout of the Freshwater Prawn, “Macrobrachium Rosenbergii”.

Akua Henaku-Larbi, Kentucky State University