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The Faculty Handbook is designed to provide members of the faculty access to basic information relating to policies, procedures, and regulations that are important to them as teaching personnel employed at Murray State University. The Faculty Handbook does not refer to all policies and procedures at the university, but references those which are relevant to faculty. While the Faculty Handbook will provide information on many aspects of the university, faculty members are expected to be familiar with the contents of the Faculty Handbook, the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, the Staff Handbook, the University Academic Bulletin, and all student life policies found in the Student Handbook.

University policies adopted by the Board of Regents are identified within the Handbook by placing the date each policy was adopted in parentheses following the policy title. Amendments or additions approved by the President or the Board of Regents become effective by directive of the President. As university policies and procedures are modified and developed, revisions and additions will be made to the handbook as quickly as possible. A concerted effort is made to keep faculty informed of such changes. New faculty members will be given an electronic copy of the Faculty Handbook at the time of their employment and current faculty shall receive notice of new or amended Faculty Handbook policies within 30 days of final approval by the President or the Board of Regents (see Section 1.7.5).


Approved by the Murray State University Board of Regents on June 7, 2019.