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Tuesday, April 19th
10:00 AM

An Analysis of the International Expansion of Burger King

Candice Miller, Murray State University

Ohio Room, Curris Center

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

International expansion has been the focus of many U.S. based companies for the past couple decades, furthering the trend of globalization in today's world. The fast food industry in particular has taken advantage of international opportunities. Burger King's expansion efforts are of particular interest due to recent developments for the franchiser, such as the company's new owner, 3G Capital, the merger with Canada's Tim Hortons, and negotiations by CEO Daniel Schwarz to increase Burger King's presence in choice foreign markets, such as China and Brazil. However, to be successful in their efforts and remain a competitor in the ever growing global market, Burger King will need to overcome a number of obstacles.

Analysis of The Coca-Cola Company

Franziska Renz, Murray State University
Julian Vogel, Murray State University

Ohio Room, Curris Center

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

The research paper analyzes The Coca-Cola Company using data from 2012 to 2014.

A brief overview of the history of the company is given as well as its nowadays markets and its most important competitors are identified. The company was founded in 1892 and operates in the US-American industries for soda production, syrup and flavoring production, juice production, and bottled water production. The most important competitors of The Coca-Cola Company in these industries are PepsiCo Inc., Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc., Monster Beverage Corp. and Nestle S.A..

Furthermore, a SWOT analysis is conducted. The company uses its strengths, such as its strong network of associates and partners, its high market share in all its industries, as well as its high level of innovation in its product portfolio and marketing to maintain a stable and competitive position. However, internal weaknesses of the company such as its high dependency of Berkshire Hathaway, its involvement in three major lawsuits and its current strategy change are detected. Also, the company is able to exploit current and future opportunities, namely sinking input prices as well as changing industry landscapes and demand structures. Though, the company faces a highly competitive environment with rising and unpredictable input prices as well as volatile demand.

Moreover, a financial analysis is conducted based on the financial ratios of the company in comparison to the ratios of its most important competitors and its own past performance. The financial analysis unveils that the company could perform better in some areas such as its degree of financing or its P/E ratio. However, due to its excellent profitability and sound financial standing, the company is attractive for investors.

Besides, the intrinsic common stock value of the company is calculated to depict the accurate valuation of the company at the stock market.

Additionally, both the income statement and the balance sheet for 2015 are forecasted based on the financial data of previous years, its strategy announcements and current developments.

Finally, recommendations are given for the management of the company as well as potential and current investors.

Austenesque: A Study of Free Indirect Speech in Jane Austen's Works and its Benefits as a Style of Narration

Emily A. Miller, Murray State University

Ohio Room, Curris Center

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Put Your Shirt on: An Examination of Provocative versus Casual Clothing on First Impressions

Katelyn Geilear, Murray State University

Ohio Room, Curris Center

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

It is astounding how much information someone can gather about a person from a quick glance. We form first impressions of others based on a number of things, such as their appearance, demeanor, and other characteristics we can gather from a glance or two, and form impressions of a person’s personality, character, intentions, and motivations based on these factors. This can happen in mere tenths of a second. My research looked at how people form first impressions based on a person’s attire and gender.

Students with Communication Disorders in Kentucky Higher Education: Challenges and Resources

Ardee R. Tebeal, Murray State University

Ohio Room, Curris Center

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Quality resources for the academic and social success of university students with communication disorders are necessary. Seeking to promote success in students with these disorders are programs at Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, and Murray State. Current literature on these disorders gives insight on the unique skill-sets and experiences of students with communication disorders. Following the included research, the programs from each respective university found to be the most successful in the aforementioned areas are Eastern Kentucky’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, Western Kentucky’s Communications Disorder Clinic, and Murray State University’s Student Disability Services.