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A Comparison of Characteristics of Kentucky Soils Under Two Cropping Systems

Gabby Barnes

Assessing Change in Bat Diets Before and After White-nose Syndrome

Amie Towery, Murray State University
Summer Wheeler, Murray State University

Assessing the diet of tri-colored (Perimyotis subflavus) and evening (Nycticeius humeralis) bats before and after the occurrence of white-nose syndrome in western Kentucky

Summer Wheeler, Murray State University
Amie Towery, Murray State University

Community Usage of Select Illicit and Prescribed Drugs and their Occurrence in the Clarks River

Allie Skees
Katelyn Foppe
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Comparison of Inorganic Elemental Concentrations in Water Samples and Occurrence of Zebra Mussels in Kentucky Lake, USA

Nicole E. States, Murray State University

Creating Spaces Revisited: Students' Perspectives on International and Multi(inter)cultural Public Relations Education

Kiaya Young, Murray State University

Differences of Soil Properties in Various Agricultural Practices in Western Kentucky

Bailey Webster

Distinguishing Differences of Soil Physical Properties in Irrigated and Non- Irrigated Corn-soybean Rotation and Pasture Fields

Harry Franklin
Iin Handayani, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture
Duncan Thomas
Connor Raymond
Jacob Fleming
Brian Parr, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture

Driver Bias in Intentional Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

Mary Wilkinson
Terry L. Derting, Murray State University

Education in Korea: Murray State University's EdD in P-20 Program - Abroad in Daegu, South Korea

Nathan James Leatherman

Free Play in Calloway County

Kelly Futrell

From Halogenated Anthracenes to Bendable Displays: Decoding the Structure-Optical Gap Correlation

Alexander Thome, Murray State University
Kevin Pierce, Murray State University
Jill Cao, Murray State University
Sebastian Jezowski, Murray State University

Health Nutrition in Murray, KY

Tiya-Toonse Muuka

Lacking Proper Nutrition in Calloway County

Elizabeth Lay

Medical Response Times and Their Effect on Prehospital Care

Storm Santos, Murray State University

Murray-Calloway County Community on Diabetes

Emma Lackey

Oh Millennials, Where Art Thy Communication Skills?

Jessica Mitchell, Murray State University
Stefan Linnhoff PhD., Murray State University

Once Reserved, Always Reserved? - A Longitudinal Study of Millennials’ Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Foods

Jennifer Head, Murray State University
Amie Jones, Murray State University
Stefan Linnhoff PhD., Murray State University

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Profile in Hemp-Fed Chicken Egg

Cole Hulen
Cheyenne Hooks
Nathan Denney
Lauren Clark
Gregory Clark
Bommanna Loganathan
Brian Parr
Bikram Subedi

Preparing for the "Real World"-Enhancing Financial Literacy of MSU Students

Melissa Forbes, Murray State University
Allison Thigpen, Murray State University
Hesham Saad A. Alyemni, Murray State University
Emily Peek
Stefan Linnhoff PhD.

Rebranding MSU Career Services - In Pursuit of Enhancing Quality

Macy Hargis
Stefan Linnhoff

Roy Lichtenstein's Contributions to the Birth of American Pop Art: The New York World's Fair of 1964, Comics, Cartoon Art, and Beyond

David Kupinski

Soil Characteristics of a Permaculture Orchard in the Jackson Purchase

Kevin Goheen

Soil Distinguishing Factors in Pasture and Irrigated Soils in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois

joel reddick

Soil Properties in Varying Crop and Non-Crop Areas of Calloway County, Kentucky

Zack Eells
Canaan Wring, Murray State University
Clay Smotherman, Murray State University
Connor Moore, Murray State University

Soil Responses to Long-term No Till and Conventional Tillage Systems in Central Kentucky

Emily Cook

Spectral Analysis of Pre- and Post-Ictal Periods using Intracranial EEG

Kalissa Bittner