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Analyzing Urbanization and Population Change: 1992-2011 Paducah, Kentucky

Amber Crawford, Murray State Univer

Anthropogenic Impacts on Encrusters in Association with Mercenaria mercenaria in Long Island Sound: Dead Shells are Data, Not Trash

Marie White, Murray State University

Automated Geomorphic Landform Extraction Using a LiDAR Derived Dataset in a Low Relief Alluvial Landscape

Lance Stewart

Can drone imagery be used to predict riparian shading?

Alex Woolen

Comparing Soil Properties Through Geochemical Data and a Geographic Information System: A Soil Study of Gona, Ethiopia

Kevin Takashita-Bynum, Murray State University
Gary Stinchcomb, Murray State University
Haluk Cetin, Murray State University

Correlations Between Climate Variables and Amphibian Diversity of Florida

Matthew Wittman

Effects of Elevation on Stream Flow: Iowa River

Amber Crawford, Murray State University

Examining the relationship between soil characteristics and vegetation phenology: what is the role of soil temperature and soil moisture?

Monika Staszczak

Focus Study for E. coli in the Clayton Creek Watershed

Palistha Shrestha

Groundwater Contamination at Coal Ash Deposit Sites in Kentucky

Brandon Rose

Hot Vegetation under the Radar

Javus Yandal

Kentucky Flood and Flash Flood Comparison of 1996 and 2017 Using GIS

Harrison Kelly

Locations in South America Where Amphibians Will Likely be Negatively Impacted by Climate Change

Patricia Harris

Mapping the Distribution of Brown Trout in the Contiguous United States Since 1800 Using a Geographic Information System

Alex Cline
Alex Cline

Raising Hellbenders: A Remote Sensing Approach to Habitat Restoration

Katherine Johnson

Studying the Development of Algal Blooms in Lake Erie

Steven Collett

The Comparison of Chlorophyll α and Primary Productivity at Ledbetter Embayment and Panther Creek from 2009 through 2017

Morgan Franklin, Murray State University