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A Brain-Friendly Approach to Music Literacy

Taylor Davis

A Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Alcohol Disinfection Caps in Clinical Practice

Emma Benson

A Social Network Analysis of Characters in Stranger Things 3

Abigail Bigham

Community Journalism in the Digital Age

Michelle Hawks, Murray State University

Comparing Growing Methods and Their Effects on Kale

Hannah Furniss

Evidence Based Care Techniques Associated with High-Quality Post-Operative Outcomes

Peyton Raley

How the Big Screen wants you to be seen: Racism and Colorism in Young Adult Literature to Film and Television Adaptations

Kynnadie Bennett

Kentucky Megabranding: website analyses of Kentucky's top megachurches

Carly Middleton

Making Discrimination Legal: A Comparison of the Penal Laws in Ireland and the Nuremberg Laws and Other Laws in Nazi Germany

Gage Overton

Money Supply and the Recession Connection in 2019

Bennett Estes

Non-adherence in Type-1 Diabetic Adolescents

Samantha krampe

Priorities of Future Speech-Language Pathologists in an Increasingly Diverse America

Amy Wathen

Raising Sepsis Awareness

Kaitlyn Foster

Risk for Agitation in Sedated Intensive Care Unit Patients Increases with Prolonged Psychoactive Drug Use Prior to Admission

Kalissa Bittner

Self-Affirmation and Positivity in Healthcare

Sydney Edge

Social Media: A New Approach to Weight Loss

April Riley

Strategic Planning in Christian Nonprofit Organizations

Meike Drewell, Murray State University

TCJA's Effect on Charitable Giving

Rachel Huck

Tenure and Party Unity Voting in the United States Senate

Cole S. Manion, Murray State University

The Business of Virtual Reality

Hannah Saffel

The Extent to which States Commit to International Human Rights Law

Laurie Abbott


Aaron Voshage

Wake Word Accuracy in Amazon Alexa Devices

Casey Hazelwood

What has the introduction of hemp as a crop in Kentucky done to the agricultural market?

Rachel Brasher, Murray State University