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Acculturative Stress and Depression Among Chinese International Students

Jenny Liang

Can I do this? Parental factors, peer acceptance, and self-efficacy

Amber Clayton
Jessica Hodges
Bailey Dodd

Can I Make You Feel Poor? The Influence of Economic Threat

Ashley-Lauren Barrett

Community Engagement and Offender Re-entry

VanKe'via Garner

Dating Apps: Quick Sex on the Maps

Hannah Hays

Differences in Emotional Engagement Between Faces and Scenes

Tristen Brown

Emotional Imagery and Text Driven Scripts

Casey Brugh, Murray State University
Xavier Brown, Murray State University
Brooke Short, Murray State University

Failure to Reject False Beliefs: Cognitive Bias and Parent-Peer Acceptance

Bailey Dodd
Jessica Hodges
Amber Clayton

Family Matters: The Influence of Parental Role and Attachment on Self-Efficacy and Social Anxiety

Casey Brugh, Murray State University
Ashlen Grubbs, Murray State University



How do military men perceive sexual consent and how does it make them behave?

Shirley Ransdell

How Do Our Parents Shape Us? Attachment Patterns Superimposed on Social Anxiety and Self-Efficacy

Ashlen Grubbs
Casey Brugh, Murray State University

Is Sexism Taking On New Forms in Movies? Analysis from a New Theoretical Perspective

Morgan Brewington

Knowledge Level and Attitudes of University Faculty Regarding Assistance Animals Compared to the General Population

Anna Ledonne

Lesbians are Hot: Examination of Performative Bisexuality

Allison Hine

Perceived Imagery Ability and Emotional Judgments of Text-driven Scripts

Nicholas Best, Murray State University
Sinclair Ferguson, Murray State University
David Herring Ph.D, Murray State University

Personality and Serial Killers in Popular Culture

Kristin Kennedy

Personality and Social Media Use Patterns

Katherine Link

Personality traits and humor styles used in coping

Clay Kennedy

The interplay of social anxiety and depression on EEG coherence during speech anticipation and recovery

Xavier Brown, Murray State University

To Steal a Mate: Predictors of Mate Poaching

Eileen Tam

Watch Dirty With Me: Relationship between Casual Sex and Pornography Reactions

Tully Pritchett

You Neglected my Emotions: Influences on Peer Acceptance

Jessica Hodges
Bailey Dodd
Amber Clayton