Honors College | Scholars Week Theses Presentations

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“A broken heart sleeps here”: An Analysis of Two Poems and One Tombstone

Emily Ferguson

CAR T-cell Immunotherapy: An examination of approval rates and market pressures on current drug research and development

Kristen Cecil

Citizen Science Survey for Inertial Parameters of Live Horses and Riders for Rotational Fall Problems

Shannon Wood

Disaster and Recovery - The Effects of Post-Disaster Aid on Economic Development

Joshua Drouin, Murray State University

Distinguishing Between Eurasian Wild Boar Hybrids and Feral Swine in the US Using PCR-RFLP Analysis of Melanocortin Receptor 1 (MC1R)

Jason Matthews

Evaluating the Validity of Reported and Actual Anthropometrics Among College Students

Emily Bowles

Evolution of Textiles in Art: Late 19th Century to Contemporary

Savannah Young

Experiencing Conflict in Marriage

Marina White

Finiteness of Posets Structured by Certain 2x2 Integer Matrices

Jacob Dennerlein

Inorganic Growth in the Organic Food Industry: Examining Barriers to Entry and Economic Rents

Jaime E. Staengel, Murray State University

Market Success of the Serial Killer Genre

Taylor Chadduck

Optimization of Medicinal Marijuana in the VA Health Care System

Maureen Davies

PAM-1 and autophagy pathways intersect to regulate gametogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans

Ashley N. Munie, Murray State University

Risk Assessment in CRISPR Transgenic Organisms

Jeffrey Warner

Sexual Health in College Adults

Jamie Glenn

Terminating Tantrums: Behavioral Strategies and Interventions for Aggressive and Tantruming Behavior

Samantha N. Wright, Murray State University

The Effect of Cloudy Days on PV Arrays

Matthew Moreno

The Effects of Review Prohibition Periods on Video Game Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Richard J. Applin, Murray State University

The Epigenetic Effects of Predation Risk on Anti-Predator Behavior in Naïve, Juvenile Southeastern Field Crickets (Gryllus rubens)

Nic Norman

The Functional Movement Screen: Prediction of Injury Prevalence in Division-I Male Basketball Players throughout a Competitive Season

Ashley Dawson

Thoughts on Similarities Between Artists and Scientists and the Benefits of Studying Visual Art in the Healthcare Field

Logan Weihe