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A Quantitative Analysis of Shell Shape Variation within Astarte (Class: Bivalvia) from the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Philip Roberson, Murray State University

An Integrated Study Using In Situ Data Collection, Satellite Imagery and GIS to Map Invasive Plant Species in Western Kentucky.

Travis West


Cari Sparks, Murray State University
Brian Parr, Murray State University
Iin Handayani, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture

Attitudes Towards Mental Illness

Brighton C. Hollingsworth, Murray State University

Bat Community Structure in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area Following White-nose Occurrence

Macy Kailing, Murray State University

Body Language in the Classroom: Effects of Gesturing

maia Rolfe

Detecting Algal Contamination in Angiosperm DNA Extractions

Taylor M. Horton, Murrays
Dayle E. Saar, Murray State University

Determination of Priority Metal Contaminants in Drinking and Source Water

Hunter Garrison
Henry Pruett

Examining the Relationship between Inattention, Impulsivity, and Externalizing Behaviors in Children: Does Intelligence Play a Role?

Carrie Blackeye-Hall

Exploring salamander populations in Land Between the Lakes using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Robin Baker, Murray State University
Tom L. Anderson Ph.D., University of Kansas
Robin Q. Zhang Ph.D., Murray State University

House of Cards

Elizabeth Sakran

How does soil texture affect the storage of soil organic carbon in alluvial valleys? A case study from humid-temperate western Kentucky

Benedict W. Ferguson, Geosciences

It’s all in the font: Cognitive disfluency and immersion into fiction

Sydney Hayden, Murray State University

Linking Land Use Systems in Rural and Urban Areas to Soil Physical Characteristics

Sara Schacht
Iin Handayani, Murray State University, Hutson School of Agriculture

Mapping Nonprofit Organizations of Murray, KY

Jessica Marshall

Mapping of Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracking using Satellite Imagery

donald correll

Programmable Autonomous Quadcopter (PAQ) Swarm

Patrick Haney
Luke Kamrath, Murray State University

Relationship of fire fuels at a specific point given the location of trees in a longleaf pine ecosystem

Brittany Smith
Paul R. Gagnon, Murray State University

Remote Sensing: Discovering the Power of Water

Javus Yandal, Murray State University

Soil Characteristics of a Western Kentucky Permaculture Orchard

Kevin Goheen

Statistically Analyzing Assembly Line Processing Times Through Incorporation of Product Variation

Kyle Rehr, Murray State University
Matthew Farr, Murray State University

Urban Heat Island Effects Seen through Acer rubrum Phenology

Christopher Acred

Using GIS to Identify Possible Improvements for Eastern Kentucky Roadways

Matthew Wittman

Using Hardiness Zones to Determine Phenological Variation

Whitney Buechler

Using VIs to Judge Storm Damage to Vegetation in Hopkins County

Kayla Zachary

Vegetation Mapping of Mammoth Cave National Park Using Multispectral Imagery

Hongli Yang
Robin Q. Zhang

Water levels and temperatures define narrow window of larval fish phenology in Kentucky Lake.

Spencer Phillips, Murray State University
Nathan A. Tillotson, Murray State University
Ben B. Tumolo, Montana State University-Bozeman
Michael B. Flinn, Murray State University

We Should Have Seen It Coming: Predictors of Workplace Sabotage

Kendrick Settler jr, Murray State University

What are You, Crazy?: Effects of Psychoeducation on Perceptions of Individuals with Mental Illness

Casey Brugh

“You Won’t Like It When I’m Angry!”: The Effects of Parasocial Relationship on Aggression

David I. Crittendon
Asheley Roberts, Murray State University
Jana Hackathorn, Murray State University