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Fall 10-20-2022


Silver Carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix are an invasive species making up a large portion of the fish biomass in the lower portions of the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River. This species is expanding its range throughout the upper portions of these rivers, beginning with Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Silver Carp rarely spawn in Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, but they can enter these reservoirs through the lock chamber. Thus, the bottleneck created by lock chambers can be used to control expansion of invasive Silver Carp. Although Silver Carp movement patterns have been studied in other portions of the Tennessee River and Cumberland River the lowermost portion of both rivers below the dams is a unique environment in which the movement of Silver Carp has not yet been closely studied. Understanding Silver Carp movement patterns in the lower part of these rivers is important for understanding the factors which influence Silver Carp dam crossing. We used acoustic tags to track Silver Carp in the lower Tennessee River and lower Cumberland River. Mobile tracking was performed on each river system biweekly and supplemented with stationary receivers deployed throughout both rivers. Movement rates will be compared to water temperature, discharge, elevation, and barge traffic. These data can be used to assist barrier operation and management to prevent Silver Carp from passing into Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.



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