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Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Applied Sciences with an area in Computer Science


History and Geographic Information Sciences

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Fall 10-31-2018


KINCAID MOUNDS - A Comparative Analysis of Non-invasive Exploration Techniques is a journal of my efforts to conduct non-invasive site investigations at the Kincaid Mounds Archaeological site in Southern Illinois. Through the utilization of tools such as; drones, photography, satellite imaging, light distance and ranging, and powerful analysis software, I will demonstrate a number of useful techniques which one can utilize to conduct independent site investigations without disturbing a sites landscape or structural integrity. Thus, illustrating differences between those techniques and pointing out their strengths and weaknesses in their various applications.

During this journey, I will also venture into the world of three-dimensional rendering and printing. This research will illustrate how data can be obtained to create three-dimensional models of a site which can then be emailed between research colleagues or hobbyist around the world. Thus, demonstrating how such models can then be printed, via a 3-D printer, for a more hands-on investigation of site structures.

The goal of this work is to bring to light a series of techniques that can be utilized by both the professional researcher and the archaeological hobbyist. By using these few non-invasive techniques, one can conduct exciting site explorations void of disturbing the historical or structural integrity of a site. And, with a bit of added determination and discipline one can further utilize such techniques to identify sites of unknown existence.

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