Editor's Notes

Vanessa Phillips Bosshart is a senior Nursing major at Murray State. She presented her work during the "Evidence Based Best Practices in Clinical Healthcare" panel at the Fall 2016 Scholars Week. This work is an adaptation of her poster presentation.


The rate of suicide is increasing in America. Healthcare professionals are an instrumental part of suicide prevention. The APNA has acknowledged that there are serious gaps in nursing education, specifically in the area of suicide risk assessment, prevention, and intervention, and there have been continued efforts to increase competencies in these areas among behavioral healthcare workers. Evidence shows that suicide specific training programs have a positive impact on healthcare professionals. Training programs such as the RRSR training program and the GSAP for nursing personnel improves nurses' confidence and abilities to assess for and intervene with suicidal patients. These programs also have a positive impact on the beliefs and attitudes held by healthcare professionals concerning suicide, which can impact the care given. Nurses working with possibly suicidal patients can benefit from suicide specific training programs



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