Editor's Notes

Abeer Anwaar, Victoria Lanaghan, Rochele Rosa, and Tori Wood are studying Public Relations at Murray State University. This paper is a culmination of their work in their Mass Media Effects class, led by Dr. Bellarmine Ezumah.


A research report measuring the media perception of the average college student in the context of the muslim community and religion. By using a media clip from CNN and distributing a survey on the prior and post watching viewpoints, the perceptions of the muslim community and religion by a college student were analyzed. This report evaluates the accuracy of the media's portrayal of the muslim community and college student's media literacy on the topic in America. Results depict that college students have a deeper understanding of the muslim community that goes beyond the American media portrayal. The report concludes that college students have a high media literacy and are aware that media portrayal is not always accurate.



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