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In this Inside Research, Laura Guebert interviews Quinn Lambert. Lambert is a Senior Psychology major with a minor in Spanish completing his final semester at Murray State University. He is a member of the Honors College and currently working on his Honors Thesis. His Spring 2017 Scholars Week presentation, “I'm with US, But Not with THEM: A Study of In-Group Bias and Political Party,” is available on Digital Commons. In this interview (conducted in spring 2017), Quinn discusses his research experiences at Murray State and his preliminary plans for his Honors Thesis (being presented at Fall 2017 Scholars Week). Below are the interview questions he responded to for Steeplechase. We also asked him some follow-up questions about "Mental Health Stigma in English and Spanish-Speaking Countries," his Honors thesis; his answers are listed below.


Inside Research: An interview with Quinn Lambert

Conducted by Laura Guebert, co-editor, Steeplechase

Date recorded: May 4th, 2017

Recording Location: Department of Music Recording Studio

2nd floor Doyle Fine Arts, Murray State University, Murray, KY



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