Editor's Notes

Laura Guebert is an Honors History major and Presidential Fellow at Murray State. She will recieve her BA in History in May 2018. Her mentor was Dr. David Pizzo.


This project is an examination of correlations between imperial enterprises of the Second German Empire and the Nazi Reich through the lenses of global and imperial critiques. The three primary case studies are German Southwest Africa, the Ober Ost, and Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, particularly the General Government. This research draws heavily on certain themes and theories developed by leading historians of modern German and Eastern European history, including Timothy Snyder, Ben Kiernan, Shelley Baranowski, Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, and Christopher Browning. By understanding the shared trends of empire and genocide, it is my aim to bring the actions of the National Socialists out of its prolonged ideological isolation and into a global context of implication.



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