Claims about cannabidiol (CBD) supplementation improving health and behavior are extensive, but research is lacking. Some studies have shown decreased anxiety behavior in rats, and increased activity in osteoarthritic dogs supplemented with CBD, but even less research exists on horses. This study monitored pharmacokinetics and short-term safety for 3 CBD dosages. Eighteen Quarter Horse geldings were randomly assigned to 3 treatment groups: 50 mg (TXT1), 100 mg (TXT2), and 250 mg (TXT3). Dosage was derived from manufacturer recommendations and existing literature on other species. Horses were fed a single dose of CBD pellets. Blood was collected pre- and post-treatment at 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 12 hr. Serum was analyzed for CBD and serum chemistry, and plasma was analyzed for a complete blood chemistry (CBC) evaluation. Statistics were completed on serum chemistry using PROC MIXED procedure of SAS. Serum chemistry and CBC results were within normal parameters; however, treatment differences were observed for BUN (TXT1=15.50, TXT2=16.52, TXT3=18.61; P≤0.03) and creatinine (TXT1=1.41, TXT2=1.22, TXT3=1.49; P≤0.01). In other species, peak CBD concentrations occur approximately 2 hr post treatment. Peak serum concentrations were detected in 1 of 6 TXT2 horses and 5 of 6 TXT3 horses at 2 hr post treatment. This data can be used to support further research to determine correct and safe doses of CBD in horses.


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