Images of Research Competition

Editor's Notes

Images of Research (IOR) is an opportunity for current Murray State students from all disciplines to capture, share, and present the essence of their research in images. IOR showcases and preserves students' research in digital form and fosters engagement and creative endeavors. The jurors extend their thanks to the students who entered work for this year's competition. The entries came from a wide range of disciplines including Agricultural Education, Agronomy, Biology, Design Engineering Technology, Fisheries/Aquatic Biology, Occupational Safety and Health, and Wildlife Conservation Biology. The jurors' decision-making process was challenging as the submitted work was engaging, visually stimulating, and excellent representations of Murray State student research.

Committee Members

Dana Statton Thompson, MLIS, Assistant Professor of University Libraries (Jury Chair)

Dr. Antje Gamble, Assistant Professor of Art & Design

Dr. Cintia Segovia Figueroa, Assistant Professor of Art & Design

Dr. Gary Stinchcomb, Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Michael Flinn, Professor of Biological Science and Director of Hancock Biological Station

T. Michael Martin, MFA, Associate Professor of Art & Design and Director of University Galleries


Description: We are looking into how wetlands respond to restoration. One key aspect of this research is to collect aquatic insect samples and ID them. Aquatic insects can be a good indicator of water quality and would give us insight into how well the wetlands are doing. Pictured is a damselfly we collected and preserved as part of this process. One key giveaway that this is a damselfly and not a dragonfly are the eyes. In damselflies, the eyes are separated while dragonflies, have eyes that are close together. As most of these insects are very small we use microscopes to ID them.