Images of Research Competition

Editor's Notes

Images of Research (IOR) is an opportunity for current Murray State students from all disciplines to capture, share, and present the essence of their research in images. IOR showcases and preserves students' research in digital form and fosters engagement and creative endeavors. The jurors extend their thanks to the students who entered work for this semester's competition. The entries came from a wide range of disciplines including Agriscience/Agronomy, Studio Art, Wildlife & Conservation Biology, Psychology, Graphic Design, Journalism, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Graphic CommunicationsMedia, Business Administration, Electromechanical Engineering and Technology, Special Education, BIS, and Biology. The jurors' decision-making process was challenging as the submitted work was engaging, visually stimulating, and an excellent representation of Murray State student research.

Committee Members

Dana Statton Thompson, MLIS, MA, MFA, Associate Professor of University Libraries (Jury Chair)

Cintia Segovia Figueroa, MFA, Assistant Professor of Photography and New Media

Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology

T. Michael Martin, MFA, Associate Professor of Art & Design and Director of University Galleries


Drag is an art form that has been around for many years. It is a way for queer people to explore and experiment with the culture surrounding gender presentation and identity. As an art form, there are a myriad of ways for one to do drag. But, there are aspects that help identify what drag is. This is seen in the image with a drag performer known as Nichole Ellington Dupree. She is a drag queen from the Play Dance Bar, which is located in Nashville Tennessee. Dupree is showcasing how she does drag, with feminine makeup, a voluminous wig, and sequin dress. She is also lip syncing to the song “Pick Up Your Feelings” by Jazmine Sullivan. Lip syncing is one of the staples of drag. It allows for the performer to emulate the message of the song in its original form, while also relating the song to their own experiences through drag. Tennessee has become one of the first states to ban the art of drag itself. Other states, like Kentucky are trying to follow this ban. Fortunately, like stated before, drag is a form of art and with all art, it cannot die. No matter what laws are passed to try to stop drag, that will not slow down the many artists of drag.