Editor's Notes

Abigail Breite was recipient of an ORCA Travel Grant to present this research at the Kentucky Association of Nurse Practitioners & Nurse-Midwives 35th Annual Coalition Conference on April 26, 2023.


-Purpose/goal statement: In medical surgical hospitalized patients, how does nursing staff education on the importance of a standardized oral care regimen in the prevention of non-ventilator hospital acquired pneumonia, compared to no oral care education, affect the documentation rates of oral care in a 23-day period?

-Relevance to conference themes and objectives: Oral care is considered a routine part of daily care for patients in acute care settings. However, education and implementation of standardized oral care regimens can be lacking (Lounsbury & Munro, 2020). Additionally, documentation of oral care is often overlooked and omitted in the acute care environment (Meehan & McKenna, 2020). This is an issue for hospitalized adults and may lead to poor outcomes, such as non-ventilator hospital acquired pneumonia (Giuliano et al., 2021). Nursing staff should be educated about the importance of oral care and have standardized oral care regimens.



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