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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Spring 5-13-2022

Artist Statement

The work I create is experimental, and stylized. I like to use certain art making processes such as photography or ceramics to work through different events or emotions that are currently going on in my day to day activities.The concept of taking something common and turning it into tangible art is a topic I am passionate about and continuously exploring.

Images help document the ordinary moments that go on in life that oftentimes humans forget, unless they are photographed or revisited at another time. Throughout my work I am constantly finding myself dealing with the surface area of an object and problem solving on how to add the right amount of texture and variation of mark making to it. Being able to manipulate an object brings a sense of awareness to it which plays a role in the concept of turning something boring into appealing. One contemporary artist that has been a heavy influence in my work past and present is Virgil Abloh, who was famous for his collaborative work with Louis Vuitton, as well as his sole label ‘Off White’. His way of taking mundane objects and creating art with them is something I can relate and look up too. I see my work reflecting ideas similar to his. In addition to Virgil, another artist that has a great impact on me is Karl Baden who’s a contemporary photographer, known for documenting and shaping perspectives with his images. This concept is something that I carry with me through my own work by constantly trying to convey thoughts or ideas that the viewer/audience can also relate to. Moving forward, I hope to continue to push the idea of turning everyday objects or moments into art that I can share with others.


T.Michael Martin


The materials/mediums used vary. There are a collection of ceramic work, photography, prints and installation/sculptural work as well.

Photo Credit

All photos taken by me.

Mahaila Pinchot-Rickman Portfolio



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