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Fall 11-17-2020

Artist Statement

The queer lifestyle fascinates me because of all the different facets that the queer community has within it. The ideas of love, intimacy, safety, feelings, confusion, pride, sex etc. are so pervasive within this community that all of it swirls into one big melting pot. My work reflects the confusion that is seen with the two juxtaposing sides of the queer community but also the stereotypes and lifestyle choices the straight community throws at me.

When thinking of my work the first word that comes to mind should be “gender binary.” Where do I fall into this binary as a male presenting person that holds feminine characteristics? How does the binary work in other relationships whether same sex or opposite sex? How is sex and gender perceived to me whether it be straight or queer? Through the use of photo, video, and other 2D works, inviting the viewer in for a closer look or even forcing them to look through either full frontal imagery or forcing them to listen and become emotional is what is important. It is important for people to question where they fall in the binary and what they can do to break it. Showing the viewer how the world is ran by masculine views and ideologies and how the artist and everyday person can break it is one of the goals. I want people to question how they present and is that the way they want to present or is it how the world wants them to present? Are we breaking free from these stereotypes or are we reinforcing them unknowingly?

The world is not a kind place for the queer community, and I am willing to show how, as a queer person, I view the world. Being abrasive is not a bad thing when it comes to presenting these ideas, but also creating this kind appreciative and loving environment is also possible in my work because this community does have these moments. By using photos and videos of real queer people, it enhances that these people exist.

The need for gender inclusivity and sex positivity is quite dire in this country and the main goal is to be inclusive and make sure every single side of the story is heard. Since the queer community’s voice is meek at the moment. Then I want my art to scream for them.


Jim Bryant; Mike Martin


The works focus on the gender binary and what is used to break it, but also find the intersection in which androgyny lives. The works live as photography mainly, but also can be drawings.

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