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Sweet Sunshine Bakery



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Date of Creation

Fall 2019

Artist Statement

Everyone has memories they hold dear, something from long ago, simpler times. Those memories give us something to go back to, an image, a place or a feeling to brighten our days. For me, those memories take me to my grandmother’s kitchen, where I was introduced to baking. Ever since, I’ve had a passion for desserts and know the best ones are always made with love. Sweet Sunshine Bakery combines my love for desserts and branding. Just like desserts, brands are built with the same passion, the same attention to detail and the same drive to connect with others. Brands are more than a pretty logo. They are defining a company - and everyone who works for it ­- mixing it together and baking it from scratch.

The Sweet Sunshine Bakery brand is filled with inviting and playful colors. These colors can be seen in the repetitive use of the sprinkle pattern across the design and in every in-store, out-of-store and social media advertisement. The bold tones and rounded sans serif allude to the happiness our baked goods offer, bringing up customer’s nostalgic memories where happiness ruled the day. The logo combines radiating sunlight and a donut form to refer to the name, Sweet Sunshine Bakery. This work was inspired by Jones Knowles Richie creative company, the designers of Dunkin, because they have such a strong and recognizable brand. Dunkin has an extremely well known and bright color palette paired with a bold rounded sans serif font that is easily identifiable. It hits all of the marks of a successful brand.

When people see Sweet Sunshine Bakery, they will feel like they are in an inviting space - like my grandmother’s kitchen was for me all those years ago - where they can gather and connect with friends over their love of baked goods and branding.


Jim Bryant


Digital Print 24" x 36"

Sweet Sunshine Bakery



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