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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Spring 4-24-2020

Artist Statement

Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire; it is about the thrill of the desire itself. I am the architect of my own wonderland, creating ‘Terra Incognita’— unknown or unexplored territory— through my large scale compositions. I compose my acoustic map with expressive mark making to enhance the experience of movement, space, and perception through the abstract structure. Interlocked with the expressive marks, I pull from music theory to create controlled nonsense, developing an overwhelming geometric pattern that translates sound through movement of time. Where there is order there is language— if you explore, you get rewarded with new findings, just as you are reading a map to depict a code, or reading a clock, counterclockwise.

Visualizing this experience of sound in the monochromatic composition, is shown through altering shapes to create abstracted human form within industrial structures to put the viewer in a metaphysical sense of place and rhythm. I am developing a map that seduces you into a garden of euphoria—the essence of Mushin. Communicating movement of vibrations through the act of repetition of design rules, type as form, and musical notation to represent the chaos in our organic environment versus industry. I manipulate the gestural lines to disconnect us with the familiar, taking us into a visual vocabulary of architecture. Using a process of layering reductively and additively is how I deconstruct the perception of my large scale composition with multi media—screen print, wood cut, drawing, painting, bookbinding, and sculptural installation.


Jim Bryant, Nicole Hand, Todd Herzberg, Mike Martin


Mixed media

Terra Incognita



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