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Date of Creation

Spring 4-24-2020

Artist Statement

Roby Joe Dream Boat is a perfect play date, Roby Joe Dream Boat is brunch with florals adorning the majority of the table. It is escape. Escapism finding the most beautiful parts of the past and curating a make believe world. Arriving where choices revert back to a surreal childlike viewpoint. Everything is more unapologetic and completely sure of itself. It’s dreaming—it’s dress up!

There is a sense of complication through maximalism that I find interesting. My generation is inspired by the endless influx of media; how Instagram profiles have turned into perfectly planned out color schemes, with set saturations and grain levels. I make work about millennials and Generation Z. Exploring how we portray ourselves on social media, and the fantasy of how we portray this curated life. Pulling vision from the mid/late 1990s, the early 2000’s, as well as the 1960’s. These were such vibrant times in pop culture and inspire this collection. Using contrasting color combinations that are reminiscent of these times elevates the wearable printed pieces to transform the viewer into another time or space. I have created a collection of clothing and accessories that I’ve sewn and produced. I use motifs that are recognizable, and playful and using flat shapes gives the imagery a graphic quality. Using my love for printmaking, I am now pushing the convention of its possibilities to use it in non-traditional ways. Silkscreen ink is printed on fabric and plexiglass to make wearable print pieces. These printed pieces animate the space making a cohesive collection that is wearable, 3 dimensional and interactive.

I create these wearable art pieces and put them on characters to exist in this world I’m sculpting out for my art to live in. Likewise, these icons become artifacts within the work. Where the line between child and adult are erased as well as make believe and reality. Take a breathe— smell the peonies and garden roses, hopscotch your way to the table, brunch is starting soon, and then followed by kite flying.


Nicole Hand-Bryant; Mike Martin


Hand-crafted garments made from silk screen printed fabrics. Formatted in a zine layout

Roby Joe Dreamboat



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