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Date of Creation

Spring 5-6-2021

Artist Statement

This show is a visualization of my experience returning home from war and using art to breakthrough instead of letting the experience break me. The pop-art style of this exhibition is intended to reflect the optimistic nature necessary for my recovery. I have used this style throughout most of my work to display heavy topics in a way that engages the viewer. This show will be a multimedia explosion that will showcase the skills I have learned while using my G.I. bill to earn my BFA at Murray State University. The goal of this exhibition is to give the viewer fine art through the lens of graphic design (using as many graphic design elements as possible). I will be displaying 3 large groups of graphic designs with posters, vinyl mounted on foam core and vinyl on plexiglass with one of the sections including a large monitor that will display a video collage that visualizes the mental state of life after war. This exhibition will be a commentary on my military service and my experience returning home from combat in Afghanistan. I am using the “Pop art style” as a way to intrigue viewers toward my work with bright colors while describing traumatic events / hard truths of war that are normally avoided by civilians. This video will be presented in front of a larger foam core and graphics display that includes a blue thought bubble and “wham” shape. The main idea of the show revolves around the thoughts or memories of war and how that has impacted my life forever. My goal is to not only represent my personal experience but to relate to those who have been through similar events.


Jim Bryant, Nicole Hand Bryant, T. Michael Martin


Vinyl on Plexiglass 100” x 100”

Digital Print on paper 58”x 80”

Video collage on 55”

Vinyl on Foam core 107” x 60”

Photo Credit

Amber DuFriend, 2021

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