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The Essence of Introspection

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Molly RamseyFollow



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Spring 4-14-2023

Artist Statement

My childhood home was built in the 1940s and thus it had an exceeding number of nooks and crannies that accented the home's personality. Although the house was beautiful it was also old causing it to have a vast amount of work to upkeep, and as a child, I dreamed of moving to a different home because of this. My work is now focused on the architectural structures of my childhood home and how these memorable spaces were used.

Printmaking and specifically relief with its direct carving, allows me to watch my designs come to life in a way that I find incredibly satisfying. A printmaking artist that inspires me is Meg Tannehill Justice, her use of color and the ability to incorporate the divides of positive and negative space is incredibly interesting and eye drawing. Like her, I rely on positive and negative spaces and lines to describe memorable interior spaces.

In addition to the homes I have lived in, I examine the structures that have become homes, such as apartment buildings. I show the people that live there without having a figure physically present in the image. This combined with the works where I investigate my childhood home, examines the small nuances that make a home unique and endearing.


Nicole Hand-Bryant, Mike Martin


Three Printmaking, Relief Prints all 22x30 on white paper

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The Essence of Introspection



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