Every year new criminal laws are passed in Kentucky Government. Lobbyist and groups form coalitions and pressure representatives to pass and amend certain laws. Once the new laws are passed, local law enforcement make new arrest on the new and older laws. As the process is repeated each year, local jails and prisons are becoming overcrowded.

Leadership in Kentucky Jails begins with compliance of Federal and State laws. The Kentucky Department of Corrections Local Facilities set the standards of how a jail should, at a minimum, be operated. Some operations include personnel, training, inmate rights, safety, and security. These standards are set by the size and capacity of the jails.

While jails are overcrowding, the standards stay the same. The safety and security risks rise among staff and inmates. Without the jail staff, the facilities can not operate. Retaining and proper training of correctional officers will help improve the final stages of the Kentucky justice system.

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